For over 25 years, Eddie Marashian has worked with people who seek a greater state of calm – from celebrities to soccer moms, even some with end-stage cancer. He uses his finely tuned intuition to guide people, like you, through a transformative inner journey with his signature blend of personal dialogue, yoga-based movement, breathwork and guided meditation.

As a teacher, Eddie shares his message that we all possess an accessible and wise Inner Being or Higher Self. And, at our essence, we are already perfectly healed – happy, healthy, and whole. It is his deepest passion and greatest honor to guide people on a journey of self-discovery, that they may come to feel, experience and express their own light within.

Eddie has a BA in Anthropology from Columbia University in New York City. For over a quarter century, Eddie has trained extensively in many modalities of Yoga including Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini. He also studied and practiced Buddhism intensely for more than ten years. A spiritual explorer at heart, Eddie did a deep dive into western esoteric fields such as Astrology and Tarot. For the last decade, he has immersed himself in the healing Plant-Medicine practices and traditions of South America. A certified Life Coach, Eddie brings a balance of sharp intellect, deeply-honed intuition and innate compassion to his work. His diverse background allows him to easily adapt to the needs of his students and clients. 

Eddie is a sought-after mind-body professional. He comfortably works with individuals and groups. Eddie is highly engaging and articulate, sharing his signature blend of personal insight, philosophy and technique in a way that feels approachable and easy to grasp. Entertaining and experiential, Eddie makes each person feel like “This session was made for me.”

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