“Eddie is an amazing human, truly. His teachings—both the physical practice and the philosophy—stay with me, steady me, keeping me centered, aware and sane.”
– John Sharp, MD

Harvard Medical School Faculty
Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric instituted.

“For more than 25 years, Eddie has been my guide to connect to peace of mind. His class has been my essential remedy for troubled times and a connection to a community of caring people. He connects through his engaging curiosity, humor, wit and has been an ongoing influence to my spiritual thought. Eddie has been a constant in making people feel better about themselves and others.” -Ron B.

“I appreciate the guidance Eddie has provided me over the years. I always feel better well before the end of each session. Working with Eddie leaves me with a feeling of goodness and peace that I carry throughout the rest of the day. Eddie’s guidance in

meditation was transformative to me, and became my primary method of coping with stress. While dealing with challenging situations or people, I found myself using the mantras and breathing exercises that I learned from him. Eddie has a way of putting me at ease. There’s no “right” or “wrong” in class; it’s no- pressure. He makes me feel more human. When I found Eddie, I was able to find my own comfortable way of practicing. Eddie’s heartfelt and down-to-earth way of being made me feel welcome and natural.” – Denise G.

“Once I started taking working with Eddie, I noticed my mood improved overall. I just felt more positive.” – Julie M.

“I was introduced to Eddie at the start of the pandemic. I truly believed he saved my life during that difficult time. I have easily been able to blend his breathing and mediation techniques into my daily life. I am always grateful for Eddie’s personal and inspiring messages, and he has a wonderful sense of humor.” -Susan H

“Eddie is a gifted yoga and meditation teacher who lives what he teaches. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years, but I would not have continued on my spiritual path if it weren’t for Eddie. Eddie is the only teacher who showed me how to practice yoga and meditation in a way that was life changing.

Eddie gave me the tools to take my yoga and meditation practice off the mat and incorporate it into my daily life. Without him, I would not have been able to understand how to focus on my breath and develop the awareness to remain present while dealing with life’s challenges.” – Vanessa S.

“Whether in person, or on line, Eddie’s experienced and caring voice inspires you to practice meditation and yoga with a focused commitment and trust, and share with him the profound benefits to the body, mind and spirit.” – Penny L.

“Eddie brings wisdom, grounding and a sense of humor to his teaching. I am restored after a session with him, and I feel his connection to the work as well.” – Diane K.
“I have been practicing with Eddie for over 25 years because he has a remarkable way of intuiting and creating the perfect class for the moment. He’s always innovating yet knows exactly what his audience needs.” – Marcia D.
“Eddie makes the entire group in a class feel heard and seen without individualizing anyone. His awareness of all of us and the ability he has to make us feel capable, all while providing wonderful stories or anecdotes to keep us focused, is a gift. I have not worked with another yogi in over 20 years. No one compares.” – Micki S.
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